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We are currently accepting new students for in-person and online lessons. 

The Masaki School of Music offers private lessons in piano, violin, viola, cello, guitar, ukulele, voice, and chamber music.


At what age can my child start lessons? A typical age to begin private lessons is 5-6. Some students can start earlier and others may need to wait a little longer to begin. For those 4 years and younger, we recommend a consultation with a teacher first to assess the student’s readiness to begin private lessons. 


Do you teach adults? Yes! We work with adults of all ages who have had lessons in the past as well as those who have never played but always wanted to learn. 


Do I need an instrument? All students are required to have an instrument at home on which to practice. 


Piano students must have either a digital or acoustic piano. Digital pianos should be full-sized (88 keys) with weighted keys capable of producing varying dynamics. All pianos must have a sustain pedal in working order. Acoustic pianos should be in tune and in working order. Please consult with your teacher for more information. 


Violin, viola, cello, guitar and ukulele students: If you have an instrument, please bring it with you to your first lesson. If you don’t have an instrument, please consult with your teacher at your first lesson before acquiring one. 


How often do lessons occur? Students come once a week on the same day and time every week.


How long are lessons? We offer 30, 45, and 60-minute lessons. Lesson length is determined by the teacher based on the student’s level.


Are group classes offered? At this time, all lessons are private lessons, between teacher and student. Any group classes will be announced on our website.


Are there performance opportunities? Numerous performance opportunities are offered throughout the year in our very own recital room and at venues across the island. While participation in these events is encouraged, it is not required.


Can I sit in on my child’s lessons? Parental support is essential to their child’s progress at the instrument. Parents are welcome and encouraged to sit in on their child’s lessons especially when their young child is beginning a new instrument.


How is tuition charged? The Masaki School of Music operates on a calendar year divided into two semesters. 


Spring semester runs from January-June

Fall semester runs from July-December


Tuition is charged by the semester and is based on a set number of lessons as determined by the student’s teacher. The student is charged for the complete number of lessons offered in the semester. Tuition is not adjusted in the event the student is unable to attend the complete number of lessons. Make-up lessons are offered at the discretion of the teacher. 


What is the cost of lessons? The semester tuition fee depends on the number of lessons offered in a semester. The cost of lessons range from $40-$50 per 30-minute lesson, plus tax. As an example, the semester tuition fee for a student taking 30-minute lessons whose teacher offers 24 lessons in a semester (6 months) ranges from $960-$1,200 plus tax. 


What payment options are available? Tuition may be paid in full or in 2 or 6 installments.


When is tuition due? Tuition payments are due one full month in advance of each installment period. 


What forms of payment are accepted? Credit/debit card or ACH


Are there any additional fees?

  • Registration: A one-time, non-refundable registration fee of $45.00 will be assessed for each new student at the time of registration. If the student should withdraw from lessons and wish to re-enroll, the registration fee will be waived if the student re-enrolls within one year after the date of withdrawal. 


  • Lesson Materials: The student is responsible for purchasing all lesson materials issued or required by the teacher. Lesson materials may include lesson books, music books/sheets, and a metronome. Lesson materials are not included in the tuition fee. 

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